Attention to detail, focus on perfection. BonaLingua provides translation and editing services in several languages, e.g. English, Spanish, French, Swedish, Dutch and German. We take great pride in paying attention to idiomatic nuances, cultural connotations and each individual client’s profile. Contact us for a free quote.

Maria Sjöstedt, CEO BonaLingua Sweden, has many years of experience in translating, proofreading, editing and teaching languages and ICT. In addition, she works as an international coordinator at an upper secondary school. Her background consists of a Master of Arts in Spanish and English at the University of Gothenburg, studies in General Linguistics and, also, National Economics, History and Social Science at the Institute of Iberoamerican studies in Gothenburg, Spanish studies at the Pontificia Universidad Católica del Ecuador, English at the University of Manchester, England, and one year working in Spain with a volunteer organisation. She enjoys traveling and goes abroad on a yearly basis to stay updated on both linguistic, cultural and societal matters.



Maria Sjöstedt, CEO BonaLingua Sweden

Maria Sjöstedt, CEO BonaLingua Sweden.

My team of translators are native speakers of Spanish, English (both American and British English), French, Dutch and German and together we constitute a highly skilled group of translators and editors with many years of professional experience.

Being a translator is not about translating a text word by word. You need to be aware of the author’s intention, the cultural aspects and the linguistic context. You also need to be very familiar with nuances in word meaning, which may differ from one language to another. Your work must be transparent and leave no footprints.

If you believe that nuances make all the difference and if you want a translation job or an editing job executed with proficiency and excellent attention to detail, please do not hesitate to contact BonaLingua for a free quote!
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